Gas Fireplace Cleaning Long Island

If it’s almost time to turn on your gas fireplace for the first time of the season, it’s a good idea to call us for a thorough cleaning. Our gas fireplace cleaning services ensure that each part of your appliance is good to go. This critical step helps to keep your gas fireplace safe and operating properly. As you Gas Fireplace Guys in Long Island, we apply our meticulous attention to detail to keeping your unit spotless. 

Regular cleanings are an important way to prevent potential damage and optimize your gas fireplace’s product lifespan. During the winter, it’s a good idea to clean it out once a month, especially if you use it frequently. Give us a call today if your gas fireplace is due for cleaning.

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    Cleaning Services for Gas Fireplaces Long Island

    Our friendly professionals are deeply familiar with gas fireplaces. We understand what it takes to clean them correctly. Many things can build up in your unit and potentially affect its performance. Household dust, pet hair, cobwebs, dead insects, and other things can accumulate over time in your gas fireplace. These can have an adverse impact on the appliance’s performance. They can also result in an unpleasant burning smell the first time you turn it on. 

    When you call us, we follow the proper procedure for cleaning your gas fireplace. The process will vary according to the type of unit you have. In general, though, our basic approach will be to:

    1. Inspect Your Appliance 

    2. Disassemble the Fireplace

    3. Dust/Vacuum the Log Set

    4. Dust/Vacuum the Firebox, Burner, & Other Components 

    5. Clean the Unit Interior

    6. Scrub the Glass

    7. Reassemble the Appliance

    Once that’s done, we’ll make sure your gas is properly hooked up and give your fireplace a test run. You can be sure that when you call us, you’ll be left with an impeccably clean gas fireplace. 

    Gas Fireplace Cleaning and Maintenance Long Island

    Cleaning and maintaining your fireplace are vital for promoting its safety and performance. When you’re ready to schedule service, we’re here to take your call. Contact us to get started with a free estimate today. Our Amityville, NY, team services customers throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties.